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9th July 2019
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18th September 2019

Travelling with your babes.

Hi Mama’s! For this month’s blog post we are chatting about traveling with kids and all the tricks we have learned along the way. Holidays are supposed to be all about relaxation and at times this can be tough to accomplish with our little ones by your side. However, done right, it can be the most wonderful and enriching experience. It definitely gets easier the more you do it, but this is a blog post for first-timers or those who have only does this a few times and found it to be more of a nightmare than anything.

First things first, be prepared! Ensure you have the trip planned out. Pre-book flights, other forms of travel and accommodation. This will help you know how much to pack, what weather to pack for and help you have peace of mind where safety is concerned. Thereafter, explain the trip in detail to your children, they too need to prepare themselves for what’s ahead. This may jog a little excitement too! It will also show them how to behave in airports and at hotels which is important for a smooth journey. In saying this here are a few tips and tricks:

  • Snacks snacks snacks! Do not let your kids get hangry! Hungry kids are unhappy kids and unhappy kid’s makes for unhappy travels. Keep snacks in your bag that will last until you get to your destination. This will also save you money at airport shops.
  • Pay for quality gear. Ensure that your travel bags and backpacks are of good quality to avoid them breaking and your holiday turning into a search for luggage to get back home. Never mind the money that will have to be spent.
  • Ask for child discounts. Save where you can. There are always discounts for your little ones on flights, accommodation, tours, transport, and food. This will help you to save and use the extra money for shopping, Mums 😉
  • Safety. Give your little ones your contact information. Simply put a note in their pocket with your details as a precaution if anything happens. Rather be safe than sorry.
  • Medicine. Travel with basic medicines for things such as fevers, allergies, upset stomachs, headaches, motion sickness and any other medications your family takes. Being in a foreign place or even a place nearby, you never know if a family member may fall sick and trying to explain to the pharmacist what is wrong with your child, in a language he may not understand can be frustrating and unfruitful.
  • Entertainment. Bring no-mess activity books or electronic devices with movies/ games to keep your babes entertained during transport and layovers.
  • Documents. Ensure you have all the correct documents for the entire family when traveling.

Now that we have named a few tips and tricks, here are some products we do not travel without!

1. Stokke Jetkids

This premium ride-on suitcase turns an economy seat into a first-class travel experience for your babe! In five simple ways, you can turn it into a seat, pull it along its swivel wheels to the front, carry it over your shoulder with the adjustable strap, it has top-opening to prevent items from falling out and you can upgrade it to turn it into a bed. This little suitcase will also keep your child entertained as they can pull along their own suitcase.

Jetkids Bedbox 

2. Stokke Baby Carrier

This 2-way front and back carrier will carry a baby from 4 weeks to 3 years (approved for use from 3.5kg and 53cm). The seat can be also adjusted when the child is approximately 18 months to ensure a better view for your babe. Its adjustability ensures optimal support for your babe and a perfectly ergonomic fit for you. The soft head support also gives your baby a good side view to experience the scenery.

Baby Carrier

3. Thule Urban Glide 

The Thule Urban Glide is the perfect stroller for all terrains. Thanks to the swivel front wheel that locks into place for jogging, and to the 16” rear wheels, it is so easy to maneuver. It has easy storage, twist hand brakes for speed control and a multi-position canopy with side ventilation windows. We could go on about its features but this is the perfect stroller for your travels.

Urban Glide

4. Noonoo Pie Wrap

The Noonoo Pie Tie is a baby wrap carrier perfect for touristing allowing you to have your hands free! It is made of a long piece of soft cotton stretch fabric which adds flexibility for comfy carrying.

Noonoo Pie Wrap 

5. Thandana Bag

The Thandana Leather Nappy Backpack is the perfect bag for parents on the go who need both hands free and the essentials with them. To name a few features, it has bottle holders, waterproof inning, 2 zip pulleys, a carry handle, adjustable back straps and comes with a change matt. It is also genuine leather throughout!

Thandana Bag

6. Food Pouches 

As we mentioned before, snacks snacks snacks! Pouch Love makes eating healthy food simple, affordable and fun for kids of all ages! They provide reusable food pouches, pouch pops, and accessories. These products are simple and convenient and can go directly from the freezer to your bag. They are also BPA free, Lead free, Phthalate free & PVC free. Only the best for our babes.

Food Pouches 

7. Sleepyhead

Sleepyhead is a multi-functional lounging, playing, chilling and resting pod that can be taken anywhere! It makes for a smaller environment that your child can feel calm in as it mimics the mother’s womb. This pod is carefully micro-managed with detail and material that will ensure breathability, non-toxicity, comfort, and convenience. Take this with you on your trip to ensure your babe can rest wherever needed. We all know a tired baby is not a happy one. The Sleepyhead offers an On The Go travel bag to ensure your sleepyhead stays clean and safe while traveling. (available in-store upon request)



We hope that this blog post makes your next holiday a little easier and a whole lot more relaxing! If you have any tips, we are all ears. Thanks for all the love and if you have any questions for us, we are always happy to answer.

Much Love,

The Phrog Team


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