Staying Fit During and After Pregnancy

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Staying Fit During and After Pregnancy

Most woman dread a certain aspect of gestation: staying fit during and after pregnancy. The idea of exercising whilst ballooning with a beautiful baby in your belly can be off-putting to some, but we want to clear up some myths that the media may have told you. Maintaining your fitness during pregnancy does not have to be an ordeal, check out the blog below for our tips and best advice…

Remember to Hydrate

Water is a vital part of pregnancy, in many ways more than one. When it comes to staying fit, the most essential element is water, and to make sure that you are consuming enough to stay hydrated. When you decide to engage in mild exercise, keep yourself and your baby hydrated with approximately 2 litres (or more) if water per day. Bonus: water helps reduce nausea and overeating!

What You Should Be Eating

Your diet is another element to consider when you embark on your pregnancy fitness routine, as it nourishes your body and gives you strength for your daily activities. Pregnant women shouldn’t fear fat as a part of their diet, as healthy mono and saturated fats are packed with fat-soluble vitamins and are crucial to baby’s development. Choose healthy fat sources such as olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil.

Remember to include high quality meat products in your diet ( if you eat meat) as well as full fat dairy products and a good amount of eggs. These products are also high in healthy fats and the protein they provide nourish the body, including muscles and endocrine processes.

Protein and fat will keep you feeling satisfied, whilst also contributing to craving reduction and a stable blood glucose level!

Where to Start…

The best place to start is by maintaining an interest in activities that you already love! By engaging in exercises that you enjoy and are familiar with, you will stay motivated and energised. Be sure to modify your exercise routine to suit your pregnancy by reducing duration and intensity of your workouts. We also recommend engaging in specific pregnancy exercises that keep you fit and healthy.

What Types of Exercise to Include

Moderate aerobic activity is best for pregnant women, which includes walking (not running), swimming and strengthening exercises such as yoga. Professionals say that 20-30 minutes of brisk walking, three to four times a week is more than enough exercise to keep you healthy.

Aerobic Exercise Is Amazing

Water aerobics is a fantastic way to stay fit during pregnancy, as it is so easy on the joints and risk of falling is near-absent. Water makes you feel a lot lighter, and it aids in reducing excess fluid throughout the body, bringing down swelling and so on. Physical injury is highly unlikely with water sports, and your muscles are toned and strengthened in the process.

Yoga for the Mind, Body and Soul

We love yoga for pregnant women, as it is incredibly relaxing and helps you to prepare for future stress situations, such as labour. Yoga is great for strengthening the entire body and will help to keep you toned and fit.

How to Tell When You’ve Had Enough

It is important to know when you should call an end to your exercise session. Pregnant women should exercise until they feel like they have had enough for the day – and this amount will change from day to day! Do not exercise until you are breathing so hard that you can’t talk. “Listen to your body” is the best advice that we can give.

Exercises to Avoid

We recommend that pregnant women avoid any exercise that involves sudden jerking movements such as running and contact sports. Jerking motions can trigger the hormone Relaxin, which loosens up your body’s ligaments for labour – this same hormone can cause you to injure your joints whilst exercising. Do not lie flat on your back after 12 weeks of pregnancy as this can cause complications to your health and the baby’s. Our final advice is to avoid exercising during hot weather!

Phrog Designs regularly posts interesting and helpful articles for new and expectant moms and dads to learn more about this wonderful, exciting life phase they are in. Contact us with any queries you may have about our fantastic service.


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