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9th May 2019
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Soon-to-be Dad guide!

Hi Dads!

This blog post is for you 😉 and we promise that you reading this will make your lady very happy and a little more relaxed for the arrival of your babe. Yay for brownie points! So you are about to become a Dad and trust us when we say this moment will change your life forever but in the best way possible. We hope that this post will make the whole process a little less scary.

We are going too touch on things you need to do for the birth, finances, health, transportation, work and caring for your babe:

1. The Birth:

  • Make a list of friends and family to notify when your little one is born.
  • Know the best route to your hospital where delivery will take place and know your way around the hospital and where to go.
  • Have your doctor’s numbers on your phone.
  • If you have other children, arrange for childcare during the birth so you can focus on your partner and the new babe.
  • Research ways to manage and help your partner with pain during the birth.
  • Go to an antenatal class.

2. Home and Travel:

  • Help your partner get the nursery ready for when you bring your babe home.
  • Know how to install the car seat you will be using to take your babe home.
  • Stock up on meals in the freezer before coming home from the hospital, you will have your hands full 😉 Alternatively, ask for help with meals from friends and family for the first week or two.

3. Work and finances:

  • Let your boss know when you are expected to be off and make sure everything is up to date in the days leading up to the birth.
  • Start a savings account for your babe.
  • Be aware of what your medical aid covers for the birth and for mom’s care.
  • Be ready with medical aid applications for your new babe

4. Partner and Babycare:

  • Knowledge is key. Read up about changing diapers, how to hold and feed your babe and general baby development.
  • The most important thing is to chat with your partner beforehand about what her expectations are of you for the first few weeks to help you both get into your new family rhythm. Readdress this every so often to keep each of you from feeling overloaded.
  • Have reinforcements on standby like grannies in case you guys need a hand.
  • Keep the visitors at bay or arrange a set time on certain days that your partner feels she can handle pop-ins.
  • Pick a special thing you want to always do with your babe to bond whenever you possibly can. Some dads love to do the bath time and some love a stroller walk?
  • Be sensitive to your wife and what she as an individual can cope with, its overwhelming and no two moms have the same capacity. Post Natal Depression is real so read up to know the signs and chat to her doctor if you feel concerned.

All of the above is so that your partner can get some rest knowing you are clued up. Your partner will be very low on energy after the birth and most definitely need some rest. To find baby classes close to you, follow this link: www.kznkids.co.za/kwazulu_natal/baby_toddler/parent_child_classes/durban/

We think this is very important as it will help and relax your partner significantly. For first timers, you are going into this blind, so do your homework 😉 If you have any questions, please feel free to pick our Mums brains or better yet share your experiences with other dads in the comments below!

We hope that this helped and that this time of your life is beautiful. We know ours was!

Much love,

The Phrog Team


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