6th February 2019
9th April 2019


Hi Mamas!

We hope that everyone is having a great start to this month. In this blog post we thought we would chat a bit about the nursery sleep environment and some of the essentials to have before your babe arrives!

This is such an exciting time in your life, stressful too, but decorating the nursery is a fun task! These sleep essentials will hopefully simplify your soon-to-be mom life! A nursery needs to look fabulous but more importantly it needs to be functional, so start stocking up with things like diapers and wet wipes. We promise it will make things a lot easier when your babe arrives.

Your nursery is going to be where you bond over countless feeding sessions, bed time routines, diaper changes and rocking your babe to sleep. This room will be a special place for you and your bundle of joy so let’s get it ready!

Here are 5 essentials for your sleep place in the Nursery:

1. Cot:

Soon to be Mums, you are going to be needing a cot, without a doubt! Cots need to be a safe and secure place to sleep for your babe. Newborns can sleep up to 16-17 hours a day, so a perfect crib is very important. Cots need to be sturdy and made from quality materials. Avoid drop-side cribs as they fail to provide support and make sure your cot adheres to international safety standards. The Phrog Dowel Cot is made from solid European beech wood and has been designed exclusively for Phrog Designs. It is a beautiful piece of furniture with 3 adjustable height options which provides a safe haven for your little one. Phrog also carry the Stokke Home and Sleepi cot collections which provide cutting edge design, functionality to grow with your child and adhere to the highest international safety standards. Learn more about Phrog’s cots here: bit.ly/2EEKxzQ

2. Cot Linen

It is necessary to make your babes cot a comfortable spot. Mamas you will need inners, bumper covers, duvet covers, sheets and pillowcase covers. We advise our moms to keep babes bedding made of a breathable, natural fabric and to stick to neutral colours. Rather bring in the colour with your nursery accessories. Phrog have designed a 100% cotton and 100% linen baby bedding range to ensure our babes get only the best. View our collection here: bit.ly/2ShIZ3N

3. Extra cotton cot blankets

Mums, newborn’s need to be kept warm and comfortable to help them sleep so one of our essential choices is a cotton cable knit blanket due to its multiple uses. This product is soft, 100% cotton and an ideal weight to ensure natural warmth. It also folds perfectly so that we can grab it and take it with us wherever we go with our little one. Shop them online here: bit.ly/2ETKkIW

4. Aerosleep Pillow

To complete or cot essentials, we need a super safe pillow for our bub. We are loving the aerosleep pillow for so many reasons. Mums, this pillow has a 3D honeycomb structure therefore allowing for your baby to continue safely breathing even when on their stomach. The pillow covers are also machine washable so that it can be kept clean always. We LOVE it. Shop: bit.ly/2TapqdM 

5. Ewan Dream Sheep

We promise that your little one will attach itself to one of these! And you will be getting a lot more sleep Mums! Many little ones battle to sleep at night and in turn keep us up, but we have found that Ewan the Dream Sheep is a literal life-saver! Ewan mimics the comfort of the womb with soothing sounds such as  recordings of noises in the womb and a heartbeat. This combined with a warm, pink calming glow, Ewan seems to lull most babes into a peaceful sleep.  This product is a multi-award winner and we have to admit we are loving the extra few hours of sleep;) The all new Ewan Deluxe with its incredible built in cry activation sensor is due to arrive at Phrog in April 2019. Shop them online here: bit.ly/2O5CJv5 

So, there you have it, our five essentials for the sleep place!  Your nursery will soon be all set up for the arrival of the love of your life. This is such a special time in your life so enjoy every minute of getting your nursery together. If you are looking for some décor inspiration, we recently wrote about the 2019 trends for nurseries so click here to have a read through! Also feel free to pop in and chat to us about the best products and necessities for your babe. We are always happy to help!

Soon to be mamas, let us know if you have any questions about the set up of your sleep place in the nursery and Mamas please fill us in about your favorite cots, linen, blankets and cuddly toys! Next month we will be talking about the changing area in the nursery so watch this space.

We hope everyone has a happy March!

Much love

The PHROG team xxx

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