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Natural Fish Teether


The Natural Fish Teether by caaocho® is a 100% pure rubber, no-toxic, earth friendly all-stage teether which supports your baby through all stages of teething from cutting first incisors to back molars.

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It offers two different textures to both massage baby’s sore gums and provide tactile exploration. Soft and resilient, the teether can be cooled for extra soothing. The lightweight and easy to grasp fish design allows the tail to be used to reach the back gums or teeth. The teether’s natural colour, child friendly fish design, and natural softness of rubber encourages your baby to reach for this source of comfort.

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The natural fish teether is ideal for a teething baby!

The cute little fish shape is made of 100% sustainable and natural materials.

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Why is your baby going to love it?

  • easy to hold
  • lots of different textures to chew on
  • soft and chewy to soothe sore baby gums
  • ideal for easing teething discomfort

Why parents are going to love it?

  • 100% pure natural rubber
  • certified non-toxic: BPA, PVC, Phthalate, Nitrosamine, colours free
  • All stage teething support: from front incisors to back molars
  • Two textures to massage baby’s sore gums and provide tactile exploration
  • Extra soothing pre-cooled
  • Fish tail reaches the back gums or teeth
  • Hygienic one-piece construction prevents the accumulation of bacteria and dirt
  • Lightweight, sized perfectly for baby’s hands, easy to grasp and hold
  • Natural rubber colour and softness encourages use
  • Resilience of rubber ensures durability
  • Produced sustainably and biodegradable.

Handy hint: you may want to boil the natural rubber teether for two minutes before your baby uses it for the first time to remove the natural ‘rubbery’ taste.

Age: from 3 months

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