Our Favourite Outing Ideas for You and Your Baby

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27th November 2018
13th December 2018

Our Favourite Outing Ideas for You and Your Baby

Parents and Child
Parents and Child

So, you have had some time to settle into life with your newest addition and you are starting to feel a little cooped up in the summer heat.

Luckily for you, Phrog Designs have some excellent and easy outing ideas for you and your baby to enjoy together. Get ready to explore the world again through enchanted eyes with your baby!

Walks Around the Neighbourhood

Start things off small with a peaceful stroll around your neighbourhood. Set some time aside in the morning or early evening to avoid the hottest time of day, and get your baby settled in a comfortable stroller that shades them from the glare. This is also perfect for pet owners looking to exercise their pooches more regularly to! The fresh air, sunshine and sights will serve you all well.

’Mommy and Me’ or ‘Daddy and Me’ Classes

Do not underestimate the power of a Mommy or Daddy and Me class! These classes are designed to facilitate bonding between parent and child, pass on useful skills and advice, and get baby’s limbs moving and grooving. Everyone in the family can benefit from these special sessions, as well as from escaping the cabin and mingling with other parents. We love Baby Bright Stars which was started by a dear friend of Phrog, Kelly. Learn more about her wonderful classes here babybrightstars.co.za/mother-baby-classes/

Picnic at the Playground

There is nothing quite like a peaceful picnic under a shady tree, particularly for a family looking to embrace their quality time together, enjoy the outdoors and have some fun. Babies are often enthralled by the sway of a swing or the turn of a merry-go-round from a parent’s arms. Enjoy some healthy snacks and sunshine – but don’t forget the sun hat!

Petting Zoos and Animal Sanctuaries

It is pretty much a scientific fact at this point: babies love animals. Ethical petting zoos and animal sanctuaries are a great way to support a good cause and allow baby to get up close to some interesting animals they’ve never seen before. Plenty of sanctuaries will give you a bag of feed for the animals too!

Fun in the Sun

Splish-splash, the Summer sun is here to stay and you may as well get on board. Leisurely strolls on the beach and splashes in an inflatable pool or on the top step of a swimming pool are a great way to get your baby used to being in the water, and enjoying some fresh air and new sights and smells. The beach is often a hit for babies, who feel the sand under their tiny toes and can’t quite figure out how nor why the waves keep lapping at their feet. Just remember your sun protection for the whole family, and avoid being in the sun around midday.

Visit the Grandparents

Babies can have a unifying power when it comes to families. We understand that this is different for everyone, and your unique familial situation will not be the same as anyone else’s. But, if you have parents, parents in law, or other close relatives that would love to spend some time with your newest family member, spending some quality time together will be treasured. New smells, sights, voices, and sounds will interest your little one, whilst their fascination captures the hearts of your loved ones. Keep your head up and spread the love.

Farmer’s Market Fun

The farmer’s market is an excellent outing idea for you and your baby. The varied nature of the stalls, people and products will have your baby’s eyes as large as dinner plates! Not only do mom and dad get to enjoy browsing the wares, but they get to expose baby to myriad new concepts and enjoy a happy stroll outdoors.

There is no limit to the number of outing ideas with a baby that you can embark on to enjoy the world through fresh eyes. Take a look at our blog for more inspirational ideas for you, your baby, your home and more!


Much love

The Phrog Team


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