18th January 2019
6th February 2019

Welcome back Mamas!

As we know getting back into the New Year can be exciting, almost like a new start but at the same time crazy busy. You might be thinking you already need another holiday, I know we are.;)

Being a Mom can be the most rewarding job but the most tiring one too, sometimes you want to pull your hair out. So, we thought we would use 2019 to focus on our goals as Moms because we too need to care for ourselves and do what makes us happy in between all the life chaos.

Below you can find our Mom goals for 2019, we can’t promise we will reach all of these, but we are going to get our rear into gear and try!

Here goes:

1.Let’s be Patient.

None of us want to yell at our kids but sometimes we just can’t help it! We need to understand that rather being more empathetic, understanding and patient will help grow relationships with our little ones. Kids are often not 100% in control of their emotions and its tough having someone yell at you all time. We can try walking away, talking, understanding… who knows if we will always get it right, but we can try! This may also make for more of a peaceful and functioning household.

2. Be the best partner you can be.

This one’s for us ladies, we need to start taking time out to do those little dates and catch ups with our life partners because this is important in-between all of the busyness. Remember you and your partner are on this journey called parenthood together, so be together and take time for each other. We are making it a priority to have a once a month date whether it be at the movies or a dinner, lets get dressed up and loved up.

3. Family Activities.

We are thinking of starting a “family game night” or doing day trips on weekends to plays, festivals, markets or the beach to get out of the day to day routine and bond as a family unit. Staying home can seem more restful and cost effective, but a once a month or once every two weeks activity may be more beneficial than staying at home because quality time is often re-energizing and getting out can clear your head. We all know staying home means cleaning and catching up on work or chores no matter how hard you try not to. 😉

4. Don’t compare myself to other parents.

This is probably the most important to us and essential to your emotional well-being. We all make mistakes and we all do things differently. We want to practice more SELF-LOVE and be PROUD of the moms we are because no matter how we do things, we are all Moms and that is GREAT. Its not an easy task and there is so much debate around do’s and don’ts with your babes. Frankly, we are going to do what we think is best and what works best for our family.  Paying more attention to how we parent instead of looking around and comparing will have better outcomes.

5. Take care of myself.

As said before, this year should be about looking after yourself, because you too need some tlc. Treat yourself to a massage, a mani or take yourself for breakfast. Whatever it is, take some time to recoup because clearing your head and re-energizing will benefit your family but more importantly YOU. We so often get stuck in our routine and don’t stop to smell the roses. Never feel guilty for dropping the kids off with their grandparents or friends just to take a “pause” to refresh.

So, there you have it-5 of our Mom goals for 2019. It’s not a lot because we know these alone will be tough to do. But keep in mind you are doing great.

Please let us know what your Mom goals are for 2019, we would love to hear what you are working towards.

Much love

The PHROG team xxx




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