Interview with a “REAL MOM”.

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18th September 2019
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16th October 2019

Interview with a “REAL MOM”.

Hi Mama’s! This has been such an exciting blog post to write as we got to sit down with our Phrog Ambassador, Bron from Vanilla Photography, and chat about Mum things. Bron is a Mom, wife, friend, photographer and all round boss babe! We aren’t quite sure as to how she juggles it all but she is a star. 

We thought this would be a cool right up as getting advice and listening to others stories can often ground us and make us feel a little more normal and not so much like a crazy mom! News flash- perfect Mums don’t exist. We asked Bron a few questions and we have jotted down her raw and unfiltered answers below. Have a read:

1. Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m Bron… Wife to Dean, mom to Harlow, wedding photographer at Vanilla, and chocaholic trying to save all the dogs.

2. How did you know you were ready to become a mom?
Sho… this is a tough one because ‘ready’ is a strong word! Haha! We always knew we wanted to start a family. After being married for a year, we knew that a little something was missing. We’d done a lot of travelling, and felt like it was time to start on our next adventure. But whether you’re actually ever really ‘ready’ for what comes next, that’s a whole nother story! And now we’re onto whether we’re ‘ready’ for the next one. Will we ever be?!

3. What was it like to actually become a Mom?
Becoming a mom was incredibly life changing for me. Seeing my little girl for the first time, and getting to hold her – wow. It’s an intense rush of the most love you’ve ever felt and it totally overcomes and overwhelms you. A friend sent me a beautiful quote that pretty much sums it up; “The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother never. A mother is something absolutely new.” – Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

After 20 months, I’m still learning every day. I like to think of it as the most exhausting, exhilarating, rewarding, humorous, fun and testing adventure you’ve ever been on. And I’d recommended it to everyone!

4. How do you balance work life and family life?
Another question that I wish I knew the answer to! I had to adjust a lot in my business to get the ‘balance’ I wanted to create. I hired someone to help with editing so that I didn’t have to spend as much time in front of the computer. It frees up some time that I get to spend with Harlow in the week, as I’m often working on the weekends. But I also took on less weddings for the first year of her life, as I knew that I would never get that time back. We’re back into the full swing of things now, and so I have hired a wonderful nanny that is very hands on. On weekends off we like to go away as a family, or spend time with friends so that we feel like adults every now and again.

5. What are some of your favourite products as a mom?
Some of the items & products I’ve used the most would probably be:

  • Nipple cream in the early days – wow.
  • Pure Beginnings Range of baby bum creams, soaps etc so that I can try be as organic as possible- and they’ve been so good to Harlow’s skin
  • My (Ubuntu Baba) Baby carrier.
  • In the early days I lived with my baby wrap on, so that I could make myself a cup of tea and have Harlow nice and close & comfy on me.
  • My baby bullet!!! We still use this daily for her porridge, and it was a life saver in the early weaning days.
  • Baby Sense & Weaning Sense books – those were HUGE helps to me, and the only baby books I ever read.
  • Zip Up Onesies!! The ultimate time saver!
  • Harlow’s Sleep Sack – what a win! She loves her one from Phrog!
  • Her fold up high chair that clips onto any chair when you’re out and about so that I can get her to sit and eat!
  • The dummy!! That thing is a life saver.

6. What are some of Harlow’s most treasured things?
Her most favourite thing in the world is her Lambie. We have 3 just in case, as it’s her little safety net. She also LOVES her Stokke Stack Cups that she uses in the bath and her paddle pool daily. Her bunnies from JellyCat. She loves any wooden puzzle board. Luckily, one of her favourite things in her room is her cot. Also her tee-pee! One of her newest found joys! But above anything, she is obsessed with books. For my baby shower, I asked my friends to please all bring a book – old/new/something treasured. I didn’t care what. But I knew I wanted Harlow to have a book case full of beautiful stories for us to read to her before bed time. Must’ve been a mom’s intuition, because it’s all my kid ever wants, and a story will always calm her.

6. What do you love about Phrog?
Mostly, I love the quality of their products! But also the way that they have carefully curated their store out of mindful products that people will truly love. There’s nothing in that store I wouldn’t love to walk out with!!!!

7.What are your favourite Durban based family activities?
We love going up to the Midlands, and into the bush – anything with space for Harlow to run wild!! Of course, the beach as well. We are so lucky to have that so close. We’re also lucky to have The Watershed on our doorstap, and some magic kid friendly spots like Sugar Rush Park in Durban too. We’re frequent visitors of those spots.

8. What are your go-to travel tips?
I always travel with Harlow’s sleep essentials to make sure she’s comfy wherever we go! Her camp cot, her Lambie, her favourite blankie & her jellycat bunny. Her fold up high chair that I keep in my boot– she’s full of nonsense when it comes to eating, unless she’s strapped in! And if we’re flying, I pack a bunch of books and snacks!! I always fill a bottle of milk too as it makes her nice and sleepy when we’re up in the air!

9. How do you live your life to the fullest?
As mentioned, we love to travel. And I don’t think that having a baby should hinder that. We are just perhaps more thoughtful about where we travel to these days. Family holidays are the absolute best, and we try to make as much time for them as possible in the year. I also feel that free-ing up my work hours during the week has made me feel less ‘mom guilt’ on the weekends. I also make time for me, getting to gym and yoga as much as I can to have some ‘time out’. But most importantly, it’s so important to keep your marriage alive – and we try to still have some kid free social time with our friends and make time for each other as well. All in all I feel like I’ve found a little more balance than I had a year ago. And just being Harlow’s mom has given me such purpose, that my life will always be full. And if there’s anyone out there feeling like they’re drowning, and wonder when they’ll ever catch a breath – I promise, it comes. Even if just for a brief second, it comes. And there are going to be ups and downs, but the ups outweigh the downs tenfold. And that’s why it’s all worth it.

10. What’s a mommy tip you’ve learned along the way?
DO NOT JUDGE OTHER PARENTS!! You have no idea the struggle they’ve had or the story behind their puffy eyed smiles. There will be many things you’ll see or hear that you promise yourself you’ll never do yourself as a parent – and then you’ll laugh at your naïve self when you catch yourself doing the very same thing when your time comes.  We are all just doing the best we can at the end of the day.

We would like to thank Bron for her completely honest answers! We love chatting with other Mums about their successes and failures. It is important to surround yourself with people who are in the same stages of life as you are. 

If you are looking for a photographer, Bron is your GAL! She is definitely ours. Check out her Instagram page @vanillaphotography

We hope you enjoyed our “real Moms” blog post. If you would like to see more of this kind of blog post, comment below! Have a happy month Mama’s.  

Much Love, 

The Phrog Team


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