14th March 2019
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11th April 2019


Hi Mamas!

Happy April, we hope that you are looking forward to the long-awaited Easter weekend as much as we are! We are so excited to enjoy some much-needed family time and try to get some rest. Whether you are going away or staying home with your babes, we are talking in all thing’s bunnies and chocolate this month!

Our little ones are waiting with great anticipation for the Easter Bunny to arrive and obviously this means there is going to be chocolate for breakfast, lunch and supper and sugar high’s that test even the calmest of moms:) So we have put together some activities for you and your babes to do together and make the most of this special season!

1. Easter egg baskets

We are turning egg cartons into Easter-egg baskets. This is a great craft for your little ones to get involved in as there are six/twelve spaces in each carton which keeps a limit on how much chocolate they can eat and it’s easier for them to fill up the spaces knowing how many more they have to find. You will need:

  • Empty cardboard egg carton
  • Acrylic paints
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun

Firstly, cut the top of the carton off and then let the painting begin! Your little ones can add some of their magic with paint, which is the super fun part. Once the paint has dried, hot glue the ribbon to the bottom of the carton as well as on the sides and you are ready to go! Your babes will definitely be proud of their homemade baskets.

2. Easter bonnets

This is a little more difficult than the baskets, but we promise it will look so adorable once it’s finished! Your little ones will also love hunting in these hats. You will need:

  • Plain hat
  • Two different sized pom-poms in yellow and lilac
  • Smaller pom-poms in yellow, lilac and pink
  • Flower embellishments
  • A4 sheet of pink foam
  • Stick-on eyes
  • Mini stick-on lilac bows
  • Glue

Stick together one large pom-pom for the bunny body and a smaller one for the head in each colour using tacky glue. Cut out two ears and feet from pink foam for each bunny. Pinch the bottom of each ear and glue into an ear shape. Stick them and the ears in place and use tacky glue to attach the bunnies to the hat. Finish by sticking on bows, eyes, flowers and a few extra pom-poms.

And now for some FUN Easter products available at PHROG!

  • JELLYCAT BUNNY: View our Jellycat soft toys that come in a variety of colours and are perfectly soft and huggable. Your babe is going to LOVE this bunny!

Pop in store to have a look!

  • DIPPY EGG BOARD: Okay but seriously, how gorgeous are these Dippy Egg boards made by Alice May. Feeding time is made so much easier and a whole lot of fun. We love the design and our littlies are loving the look. Not to mention the little bunny is perfect for Easter. SHOP NOW: bit.ly/2JHg6yx

  • BUNNY NIGHTLIGHT: These whimsical nightlights are perfect for keeping the darkness in your babes room at bay while providing a soft glow to leave them comfy while sleeping. Not to mention this little bunny is SO sweet and perfect for the Easter weekend! SHOP NOW: bit.ly/2FCjrcW


Pop in and have a peek at these meal time essentials perfect for the Easter weekend. They are made from tough melamine and feature many of the loved characters from Beatrix Potter’s sensation stories. Another bonus is that they are dishwasher Safe. Mess free, easy to clean and fun filled dinners are the way to go for us parents!

This time of the year is so exciting for our littlies and we always hope to make it special with activities and crafts. This holiday is about spending time with the ones you love, reflecting on the sacrifices made for us, eating way too many chocolates and creating memories to last a lifetime. Let us know what your plans are for the Easter Weekend.

Much love

The PHROG team xxx

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