24th January 2019
14th March 2019


Hi Mamas!

It’s the month of love and we are looking for ideas to spend Valentine’s Day with the Family and make sure all our specials feel loved.

With young kids, its important to teach them that this day is about sharing our love as a family, as we should every day! We miss the romantic dinners and weekend getaways too, trust us! But, time flies and soon our little ones will be out on their own dates (as scary as that sounds) so let’s cherish these next few years and do things as a family!

Right now, as moms we have about a thousand responsibilities and things to check off on our to-do-list but this time of the year comes around once and despite how tired, broke or busy we are, the ideas we have found won’t take too much out of you! And of course, we have set aside spending some time with our partner once the kiddies are in bed, you should too!

So here is a list of things to do as a family on Valentine’s Day:

1. Bake.

Get up and get baking with the little ones! Waking up just an hour early, we know sounds terrible, but this can be a lovely way to bond by baking heart shaped cookies with the family! Our babes love anything that tastes good and I’m sure their friends will too so why not bake some Valentine’s Day cookies for them to take to school for their friends.

2. Go bowling.

Yes, that’s right, get out of the house and go do something different together as a family. Grab some dinner and go bowling. This way we can spend time as a unit away from the normality’s of every week and have a laugh while doing fun children’s activities. We are never too old to bowl this is the perfect way to spread some family love.

3. Pizza and a movie.

Get some toppings, roll out some dough and make some pizzas with the family. This is such a fun activity that everyone can get involved in and who doesn’t love a good pizza! Once that’s cooked, put on a movie and make yourselves comfy on the couch together. There’s nothing better than nights in as a family. Some movie choices may be Moana, Minions, Frozen or Finding Nemo. You can’t go wrong with these classics!

4. Kids choice.

Ask your kids what they would like to do with you for Valentine’s Day! This could be an interesting one but this way they will feel as though it’s not just about the romance of it but about doing things with the family too. I am sure our little ones have a few ideas of how they would like to celebrate so let’s hear them.

5. Games night.

Get talking, laughing and interacting with the family and put away the technology! Get some snacks out and bond as a family with fun board games such as 30 seconds, monopoly, snakes and ladders or twister. This is bound to be a laugh and keep your little ones entertained. You and your hubby will love it too!

Those are some of our ideas for Valentines Day! When your little ones go to bed, make time for your partner and don’t forget to get them a little gift, after all the chaos we can still be somewhat romantic.

Please let us know what you and your family get up to on valentines’ day! We would love to know as we too are figuring out this journey called Parenthood.

We hope you all feel the love this month.

Much love

The PHROG team xxx

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