Keeping Baby Warm in Winter

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5th May 2018
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5th June 2018

Keeping Baby Warm in Winter

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Keeping Baby Warm in Winter

Winter is fast approaching in South Africa, and new parents may be wondering, “What are the best winter care tips for babies that reduce the risk of overheating or smothering?” These are very real concerns that we at Phrog Designs have researched, and come up with the safest, most snuggly solutions to your cold weather baby care questions. From winter clothes to nursery tips, these winter care tips for babies are guaranteed to keep your little one warm and happy all winter.

Easy-On, Easy-Off Layers

Your first step to keeping your baby warm in cold weather is clothing. Babies have constantly changing temperatures and the smartest way to work around this is easy-breezy layers! Start with your baby’s outfit for the day and add as many layers are you would wear that day, plus one. Go for zip-up item where possible, as you can whip these on and off easily to suit your baby’s temperature in the cold weather. Onesies are a great full-body outfit to start with, and you can add jerseys, hats and mittens as you see fit. Your baby’s extremities will get cold much faster, so keep those socks and booties on!

A Cosy, Cuddly Sleep Environment

Your baby’s nursery can be altered and augmented to become the perfect cold weather combatant. Make use of fitted flannel sheets in your baby’s crib, as these generate a cosy amount of warmth without being a smothering risk. Position the crib as far as possible from windows because, of course, a winter draught will chill baby right down.
Preheating the crib with a hot water bottle is a great way to create a cosy environment for bed time, as long as you remove it before you put baby to sleep. Hot water bottles can easily overheat your baby if left in the crib all night.

Some Safety Tips When Keeping Baby Warm

We have tried to ensure safety in our winter care tips for babies, and in doing so we want to add in some extra safety tips to be aware of during winter.

Don’t pile loose blankets onto your baby in the crib, as these put them at risk of being smothered. Fitted sheets, sleep sacks and preheating are much safer options!

If you want to use a space heater, keep it further away from the crib and ensure that it is fireproof – we all know the risk of space heaters and this is much greater where baby is involved.

When travelling in the car, try not to bundle your baby up too much, as bulky layers can create an ill-fitting seatbelt situation that puts your little one at risk of slipping straight out the seat on impact (or just in transit!).

Lastly, try your best not to overcompensate for cold weather. As we mentioned, just add one more layer to baby’s outfit than you would feel comfortable wearing at that temperature. Plus, remember to remove a layer when you buckle baby in to the car seat, as you will likely turn the warm air on.

Winter care tips for babies need not be over the top – think simple, easy layers and preheated spaces for the ultimate winter baby care. From winter baby clothes to nursery additions, Phrog Designs has you and baby covered all season.

Much love

The Phrog Team


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