Things No One Told You About Being a Dad

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Things No One Told You About Being a Dad

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Things No One Told You About Being a Dad

Fatherhood is a wild West of unknown territory, and there are some things no one ever tells you about becoming a father. Together with Phrog Designs, you can gain some insight into what life is like for new dads, and how we can help you out.

Your Buddies Without Kids Might Not ‘Get It’

Every new dad understands the struggle of trying to relate to your friends that haven’t had kids – or trying to get them to relate to you! Your days are now filled with the intricacies of caring for a baby, helping out around the house and figuring out how fatherhood even works. You’ll be babbling about your little one’s first steps and unless you relate it to scoring a try, your childless friends can potentially lose track.

Your soft spot will grow rapidly as a new dad, as fatherhood really does change your life and who you are. Don’t let the tough guys get you down – your empathy and care for your child is far more valuable than any outward persona!

You Won’t Have The ‘Dad Thing’ Under Control Right Away

Becoming a father doesn’t come with immediate super-dad skills that every father seems to have. No, you won’t suddenly know how to rewire this appliance or change that feature around the house. Sharing your food and drink will never be fun, even though you love the look of delight on your kids face. Worst of all, you are not suddenly immune to yucky things! Those creepy crawlies will haunt new dads forever.

You Will Suddenly Notice a Lot of Random Things

It’s true: a lot of pretty women will smile at you whilst you are out and about with baby, but its because of them, not you. Regardless, who doesn’t enjoy a good smile from a stranger?

You may never have noticed how horrid a public men’s room is before, but you definitely will the second you have to lead your child inside. And on that note, why aren’t there as many changing table in the men’s bathroom? Fatherhood is awash with questions…

There Are Dad Books to Help You

Never fear, there are new dads who have done this before and they have all worked it out along the way. Phrog Designs stock two excellent books about fatherhood that are perfect for guiding new dads through this adventure.

Author Craig Wilkinson has published Dad Book, an informative guide on how to be the best possible dad and set your child up for success. The common issues of fatherhood are researched and advised on in this awesome book in an entertaining, equipping, way.

That’s not all, Wilkinson has another book, It’s a Dad! Book: an essential guide for new dads. Fatherhood is an awe-inspiring experience, but rather daunting for most men. This book combines practicality with humour to help dads through their partner’s pregnancy, the birth of baby, and early fatherhood.

Both of these awesome reads are available in our Phrog Designs shop, based in Kloof! Don’t be daunted – fatherhood is a new, exciting adventure and you will find your way through it. With the help of a couple informative dad books and a good attitude, you can get this ‘dad thing’ down.

Much love

The Phrog Team


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