The Best Self-Care Tips for Expectant Moms

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The Best Self-Care Tips for Expectant Moms

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The Best Self-Care Tips for Expectant Moms

The Best Self-Care Tips for Expectant MomsA baby is dependable on you from the moment of conception, mother hood truly starts long before the birth. Pregnancy is often described as a glowing, magical period that encompasses everything beautiful about femininity, but reality often paints a different picture. Many women will tell you that their pregnancy was as much (removed of) a stressful experience as it was a beautiful one and it is with this notion in mind that we have compiled the best self-care tips for expectant moms.

Eat Wise to Minimise Morning Sickness

Self-care is about meeting your vital needs as well as supporting your spiritual wellbeing. To nurture the former, we advise that you eat wise. Morning sickness is sometimes all-day sickness and takes a toll on your body and morale. Feeling queasy is very normal, and some have even said it is your body’s way of getting rid of foods that are potentially harmful to baby. Whilst morning sickness is usually gone after the first trimester, here are some suggestion to help you until then…

Eating smaller, more frequent meals will keep you just satisfied enough, without overloading your tummy. Expectant moms should avoid very rich, spicy and fatty foods and naturally any food that doesn’t smell too good to you. Your body needs a few more carbohydrates during pregnancy, such as plain baked potato and white rice, as these foods help restore your energy. Bland foods are easier to stomach, generally, so a box of crackers could be a lifesaver.

Unplug from the Digital World

Your pregnancy will most likely bring a number of unpleasant conditions such as morning sickness, back pain, fatigue and more. Whilst we understand you are concerned about your symptoms, most of these are normal and as much as that top medical website might tell you, you are not kicking the bucket because of your swollen feet. Furthermore, social media is a whirlpool of misinformed opinions, so it is best to stay away from the online spotlight and rather trust in the opinions of your doctor, friends and family. The information overload that is the internet is no place for a tired expectant mom and will soon leave you feeling overwhelmed and unprepared.

Dedicate Time in Your Own Direction

Self-care tips always include a ‘make time for yourself’ clause and this blog post is no different. The first person to get left behind in a pregnancy is you, precious mommy, and you should remember to cherish yourself throughout your journey. Set aside one or two hours every day for you to use in any way you please, so long as it benefits you. Whether you want to repot your favourite plants, take a walk in the garden, treat yourself to a pedicure or simply read a book, ‘me time’ is incredibly important in staying happy. (Removed Expectant moms are also a priority! )

Move Regularly and Comfortably

Exercise is a form of self-care no matter what stage in your life you are at. We want to suggest that expectant moms make moderate exercise a regular and enjoyable part of their day, be it a walk in the morning or a yoga class in the evening. Those magical endorphins released during exercise will not be wasted on expectant moms, and the cardiovascular enrichment promotes good health for you and (removed- the) baby too. Remember that this ‘exercise’ we speak of is not to be taxing on you, nor an attempt to push your limits. You should exercise as much or as little as you want or need throughout your pregnancy.

Remember, pregnancy is not just about baby, it is also about you. Caring for one’s self during pregnancy should be a priority, as your wellbeing is just as precious. We are all made differently and should not compare ourselves to other moms on the same journey. If you have questions or concerns, write them down to ask your doctor at the next visit or pick a person you trust to be your go to girl. We wish the best of luck to all our expectant moms and a self-care filled pregnancy. We hope our tips have been helpful and will equip you with the mindset to have an enjoyable pregnancy.

Much love

The Phrog Team


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