Sheepskins- a baby’s essential!

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Sheepskins- a baby’s essential!

Sheepskins- a baby’s essential!

We are very proud to be able to stock Jardineria’s beautiful and luxurious sheepskins.

Jardineria’s sheepskins are made from African Merino sheep- the best sheepskin in the world and renowned for its powerful benefits that help calm and nurture babies. We have researched and found what we consider to be the softest and silkiest sheepskins available.

Moms will love that sheepskin is made by nature and is far superior to baby’s well being than any synthetic fibres. Sheepskins, unlike synthetics (eg. polar fleece)

  • breathes
  • never smells
  • is flame retardant
  • has excellent insulating properties

Besides being the most luxurious play mat or bedding your baby will ever lie on, it has some incredible natural properties swell.

Firstly it is dirt and bacteria resistant and has self cleaning properties due to its lanolin content. It resists dirt and bacteria, never holds onto odours and is considered hypoallergenic. It is also very easy to clean and can be machine washed or for smaller stains- simply wiped down with a sponge and gentle detergent.

It is temperature regulating, meaning it keeps baby warm in Winter and cool in Summer, helping your baby maintain a stable body temperature. It may seem strange to use a sheepskin in Summer, but it really doesn’t get hot and actually has a cooling effect.

Our sheepskins are soothing and healing and perfect for babies with sensitive skin or prone to eczema.

For your baby, lying on a sheepskin is like lying on a cloud. Its soft, dense, ‘springy’ fibres ensure your baby sleeps in extreme comfort or has the perfect playmat. Tummy time on a sheepskin ensure baby is kept comfortable and won’t rash her soft skin.

Sheepkins are kind to the environment as they are 100% biodegradable. They are also a by product of the meat industry, meaning no animal is killed specifically for its skin.

Your sheepskin may be used on the floor as a rug or playmat, placed in baby’s cot for sleeping on, used in a stroller or over a rocking chair in the nursery.

If cared for properly it can be reused for years to come and won’t loose its nurturing and healing benefits.

It is important to note, that as sheepskin is a natural product, no two skins will be the same in size or shape, but quality will always be maintained.

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